The Journal Jurisprudence

Volume 03

Easter Term 2009

Complete Issue

PDF, 116 pages

Selected Articles


Aron Ping D’Souza
Editor, The Journal Jurisprudence

A Platonic Critique of Codification

Assistant Professor Kyle A. Scott

University of North Florida

A Ratchet That Can Get Stuck: On the Relationship Between the American Federal and States Constitutions

Dr Ofer Raban
University of Oregon School of Law

Where Do Constitutional Modalities Come From? Complexity Theory and the Emergence of Intradoctrinalism

Mr Jesse Ram Merriam
Johns Hopkins University

Sovereignty: Its Concomitant Ingredients, Its Pragmatic Constraints and Islamic Jurisprudence: A Critical Appraisal

Dr Nehaluddin Ahmad
Multimedia University of Malaysia

Ancient Constitutionalism: Sir Edward Coke Contribution to the Anglo-American Legal Tradition

Mr Jason S. Crye
Roger Williams University