The Journal Jurisprudence

Volume 06

Trinity Term 2010

Complete Issue

PDF, 154 pages

Selected Articles


Aron Ping D’Souza
Editor, The Journal Jurisprudence


Dr.Jur. Eric Engle
Harvard University

Names and Designations in Law: Towards a Nominalist
Approach to Constitutional Jurisprudence

Mr Thomas Kupka
University of Bremen

Earth Jurisprudence and the Ecological Case for Degrowth

Mr Samuel Alexander
The University of Melbourne

The True Cost of Economic Rights Jurisprudence

Mr Max McCann
New York City Law Department

Truth is Truth to the End of Reckoning: But How to Reckon Where Truth be Found? Methodological Obstacles Facing the Legal Theorist in Attempting to Explicate the Nature of Law

Ms. Donna M. Lyons
New York University

Co-Existence of Positive Law and Normative Order

Professor Bidzina Savaneli
University of Tbilisi


Dr.Jur. Eric Engle
Harvard University