The Journal Jurisprudence

Volume 10

Trinity Term 2011

Complete Issue

PDF, 292 pages

Selected Articles

Editorial: Jurisprudence Today

Aron Ping D’Souza

LAW as Referent

C.G. Bateman
University of British Columbia

The Moral Irrelevance of Global and International Inequality

Hugo Omar Seleme
National University of Córdoba

Taking Stare Decisis Seriously

James G. Wilson
Cleveland State University

Gratitude and the Environment: Toward Individual and Collective Ecological Virtue

Reed Elizabeth Loder
Vermont Law School

The Democratic Common Law

Matthew Steilen
Covington & Burling

Neuroprudence: Using Neuroscience to Debunk Positivism’s Separation Thesis and Create a Niche for Naturalism in Our Positive Laws

Daniel R. Correa
Oklahoma City University