The Journal Jurisprudence

Volume 14

Trinity Term 2012

Complete Issue

PDF, 162 pages

Selected Articles


Aron Ping D’Souza


Mr Trent J. Smyth
Honorary Consul of Malawi – Australia

Justiciability Theory Versus Political Question Doctrine: Challenges of the Nigerian Judiciary in the Determination of Electoral and Other Related Cases

Professor Wahab O. Egbewole
University of Ilorin

Mr Olugbenga A. Olatunji
University of Ilorin

Taqlīd v. Ijtihād: The Rise of Taqlīd as the Secondary Judicial Approach in Islamic Jurisprudence

Assistant Professor Mohammed A. Abdelaal
Alexandria University

Africa and the Extended Continental Shelf under the Law of the Sea Convention (LOSC) 1982

Dr. Edwin Egede
Cardiff University

Legal Empowerment of the Poor: Does Political Participation Matter?

Dr. Oche Onazi
University of Dundee

From Literalism Through Traditional to Contemporary Functionalism: The Role of a Constructor in a World of Legal Expressions

Dr. Muhtar Etudaiye
University of Ilorin

Mr Mohammed Etudaiye
University of Abuja

We the People v The Nigerian Constitution: And the grundnorm is…?

Ms Adeola Aderomola
University of Pretoria