The Journal Jurisprudence

Volume 15

Summer Term 2012

Complete Issue

PDF, 230 pages

Selected Articles


The Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser
Former Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia


Dr Aron Ping D’Souza
Editor of the Journal Jurisprudence

The Law of Nations and John Locke’s Second Treatise: The Emergence of the Fiduciary Legal Order During World War II

Professor Thomas Boudreau
Salisbury University

Francis Biddle and the Nuremberg Legacy: Waking the Human Conscience

Assistant Professor Tara Helfman
Syracuse University College of Law

The International Criminal Court, Drug Trafficking and Crimes Against Humanity: A Local Interpretation of the Rome Statute

Dr. Juan Carlos Sainz-Borgo
The University for Peace

Human Rights and Multilateral Trade: A Pragmatic Approach to Understanding the Linkages

Professor Mihir Kanade
The University for Peace

The Global and the Regional in the Responsibility to Protect: Where Does Authority Lie?

Professor Bernard Ntahiraja
The University of Burundi

Avances en la Jurisprudencia Internacional en Violencia Sexual contra Mujeres en Conflictos Armados (Original in Spanish)

Advances in International Jurisprudence on Sexual Violence against Women during Armed Conflicts (English translation)

Judge Baltasar Garzón
Organizaton of American States

Reflections on a Revolution in International Law: Trends and the Second Bounce of the Ball

Professor Brian Polkinghorn
Salisbury University