The Journal Jurisprudence

Volume 16

Michaelmas Term 2012

Complete Issue

PDF, 134 pages

Selected Articles


Dr Aron Ping D’Souza
Editor of the Journal Jurisprudence

All Taking and No Giving: The Conceptual Trend in Transfers of Ownership

Mr Alexander Green
University College London

International Rule of Law and Human Rights: The Aspiration of a Work in Progress

Dr Joaquín González Ibáñez
Madrid Alfonso X University

The Positive Criteria of Legal Norms: Law Between Facts and Norms

Dr Claudio Bozzi
Deakin University

The Failure of State Building in Afghanistan, Review of ‘The Rule of Law in Afghanistan: Missing in Action’

Mr Richard Hanania
University of Chicago

Book Review: ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Case if the Bulgarian Codex’ By Tim Symonds

Dr Xanthe Mallett
University of New England

A Packet of Purported Legal Humor

Mr Stephen Kruger
Attorney at Law