The Journal Jurisprudence

Volume 22

Summer Term 2014

Complete Issue

PDF, 122 pages

Selected Articles

Between Politics and Science: The Dilemma of Reason

Associate Professor Zoran Nikolić
Associate Professor of Sociology
University of East Sarajevo

Dr Roozbeh (Rudy) B. Baker
Lecturer in Law
University of Surrey

In the Names of Justices: The Enduring Irony of Brown v. Board

Dr David A. Eisenberg
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Baruch College, City University of New York &
Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, Arts and Sciences
Columbia University

Legitimacy, Authority, and Validity of Law: An Integrated Approach to Legal Positivism and the Methodology of Welfare-Grundnorm

Associate Professor Surendra Bhandari
Associate Professor
Ritsumeikan University